A New Climate Vocabulary

Climate Emergency Forum welcomes Herb Simmens, author and planetarian, to discuss his book, “A Climate Vocabulary of the Future,” that emphasizes the need for accessible language and storytelling in the climate discourse.

This video was recorded on January 23rd, 2024, and published on February 11th, 2024.

The dialogue spans a comprehensive discussion on climate change communication, focusing on the importance of clear language and effective messaging. Regina, the host, sets the stage by highlighting the significance of “A Climate Vocabulary of the Future” to facilitate understanding and engagement. Herb Simmons, the author of “A Climate Vocabulary of the Future,” elaborates on his motivations and the content of his book, emphasizing the need for accessible language and storytelling in climate discourse.

The conversation extends to include Paul and Peter, who commend Herb’s efforts in simplifying climate terminology and making complex concepts understandable. They stress the urgency of communicating the critical findings of climate science, such as the IPCC’s warnings about the necessity of rapid emissions reduction to limit global warming. Paul underscores the power of words in conveying scientific knowledge and motivating action, referencing historical figures like Winston Churchill.

Peter emphasizes the importance of making climate science accessible, advocating for clear communication strategies such as using everyday language versions of scientific papers. The discussion touches on the role of organizations like the Potential Energy Coalition and Climate Emergency Action in disseminating climate information effectively.

Throughout the dialogue, there’s a consensus on the need for a unified and persistent effort to communicate the urgency of climate action. Herb’s book and the broader conversation underscore the crucial role of language in mobilizing public understanding and engagement in addressing the climate crisis. The participants express gratitude for Herb’s contributions and reaffirm their commitment to advancing climate communication efforts.


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