About Us

We are all very passionate about the climate emergency and the dramatic loss of biological diversity on Earth. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the evidence of abrupt climate change has sparked a desire in each one of us to raise public awareness regarding the existential threat to all life on Earth.

Regina, Paul and Peter at COP25 in Madrid
Regina, Paul and Peter sitting in Press conference room during a presentation at COP25

Most of our team first worked together in December 2019 during our participation in COP25 in Madrid, Spain, where we presented four programs in the NGO press conference room.

We also participated in the following conferences:

We are looking forward to attending COP29, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in November 2023.

Our focus is to produce videos featuring conversations and presentations pertaining to the climate crisis, climate systems, loss of biodiversity, as well as possible solutions.

We will continue to augment the content on our website and YouTube channel. We are also present on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet Our Team

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