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We aim to increase public awareness and knowledge pertaining to abrupt climate change, the disruption of climate systems, and the loss of biodiversity and biomass, as well as emergency solutions.


May 14, 2022
Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez discuss the imminent loss of the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs.

May 07, 2022
Special guest Dr. Reese Halter, relentless defender of bees, trees, and seas, and a lifelong advocate for the interdependent web of life, joins Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez in Part 1 of a multi-part series . . .

COP26 Media Advisories


May 11, 2022
Neil Kitching
Government advisers are struggling to recommend ways to heat our homes that are effective, acceptable to the public, not too expensive and don’t pollute our atmosphere. Here are my personal thoughts on this great conundrum . . .

Apr 28, 2022
Alexander Cunliffe
I was born in 1956 in a small coal mining town on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. In those days, the local population almost exclusively used coal as a source for heating . . .