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We aim to increase public awareness and knowledge pertaining to abrupt climate change, the disruption of climate systems, and the loss of biodiversity and biomass, as well as emergency solutions.


Apr 25, 2023
The UN Water Conference 2023, held in New York City from March 22nd to 24th, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and coordinate on global water issues. Among the attendees were Regina, Charles, and Heidi, who traveled to the conference in different ways.

Dec 11, 2022
The Climate Emergency Forum (CEF) team attended and presented at the Biodiversity Conference, COP15 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, which took place from Dec. 7 to Dec. 19, 2022.


Jun 05, 2023
Join Neil Kitching in a discussion with Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Charles Gregoire on Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3, which provides a plan to transition from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable energy economy.

May 29, 2023
Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez discuss the ongoing impacts to areas around the Mediterranean and North Africa. This region is often referred to as MENA however impacts to Spain and Portugal are also discussed.


May 05, 2023
Neil Kitching
The single most important thing most of us can do to cut our carbon emissions is to install a heat pump closely followed by buying an electric car, or even better, owning no car.

Aug 16, 2022
Neil Kitching
It is relatively easy to calculate your direct carbon footprint from heating your home, the electricity you use and from your travel. However, in wealthier countries around half of our carbon footprint arises from what we buy and consume.