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We aim to increase public awareness and knowledge pertaining to abrupt climate change, the disruption of climate systems, and the loss of biodiversity and biomass, as well as emergency solutions.


Jun 14, 2024
Climate Emergency Forum discusses the importance of preserving and restoring kelp forests, mangroves, seagrass meadows, and coral reefs, which play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and supporting marine life.

Jun 02, 2024
Climate Emergency Forum welcomes Andrew Revkin, a seasoned environmental journalist. The discussion revolves around the evolution of climate change coverage in the media and the critical issues facing the climate crisis today.


Feb 07, 2024
Neil Kitching
A hint of good news in my blog today, partially inspired by a talk I attended by Chris Stark, the Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee.

Feb 04, 2024
Herb Simmens
Yet another Climate Conference of the Parties - the 28th - has ended with no commitment or effective strategy by humanity’s leaders to prevent a catastrophic increase in climate extremes.