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Welcome to the Climate Emergency Forum FAQ page. This was put together to help with answering questions that often get asked in the comments of our YouTube videos. This page allows us to store answers we've provided in the past in an effort to avoid duplication of effort.

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Here's reference to a paper which I believe does a good job discussing this question. Importance of the Pre-Industrial Baseline in Determining the Likelihood of Exceeding the Paris Limits.

Quote from paper: The calculated mean difference between 1850-1900 and the period 1401-1800 in different models ranges from 0.10 to 0.18 °C (multi-model mean 0.13 °C, see supplement for more details), with some dependence on the period analysed due to the dip in GHGs in 1600. This yields an estimate of warming to 1850-1900 with a 5-95% range of 0.02 to 0.20°C.

So global cooling predictions in the 70's amounted to media hype over essentially a single study. Today, an avalanche of studies and overwhelming scientific consensus endorse anthropogenic global warming. To compare cooling predictions in the 70's to the current situation is both inappropriate and misleading. Skeptical Science: They predicted an ice age in the 70s

Regarding COP, it is possible for delegates to participate virtually in NGO press conferences. They can participate if they have a virtual badge, which they can obtain through a UN-accredited NGO.

I'd like to mention that the UN Intersessional Climate Conference held in Bonn, which is currently underway, does offer virtual participation to NGO Observer delegates. It's limited, but delegates can participate in some of the meetings.

Part of the issue with the Bonn conference and COP is time zones, which makes it difficult for off-site delegates to participate in meetings if it's in the middle of the night in their location.

Beside reading the following link I'd recommend reading Michael Mann's book "The New Climate War." Climate Doomism is the new climate denial.

The temperature increase refers to 'Global Surface Temperature' or GST Wikipedia-Global Surface Temperature also referred to as 'Global Mean Surface Temperature' or GMST. The baseline temperature is referred to as the 'Pre-industrial Levels' which is based on an average GST taken over a specified time period in calendar years.

For example the IPCC SR15 Report FAQ Chapter 1, explains that ‘pre-industrial levels’ could refer to any period of time before the start of the industrial revolution. It goes on to explain the reasoning behind their choice of using the reference period of 1850–1900 to represent 'pre-industrial levels.' It further explains that this is the earliest period with near-global observations.

Despite China & India having recently emerged as high annual emitters the U.S. and collectively the West remain by far the highest cumulative emitters and hence the most responsible for the situation we're in. The West needs to lead the way to a zero carbon economy. Here is a link to a Google search of a Carbon Brief article on the topic: Analysis: Which Countries are Historically Responsible for Climate Change