The Climate Revolution

Climate Emergency Forum welcomes Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion. The discussion delves into the framing of climate change as a political issue rather than a technical one, requiring systemic change to address the crisis effectively.

This video was recorded on May 15th, 2024, and published on May 26th, 2024, and represents the opinions of the discussion participants.

Hallam argues that the term “climate change” was created by the corporate class to downplay the political power dynamics at play, and he stresses that the real issue is the control and influence of carbon industries by powerful elites.

Hallam advocates for a revolution, not just in the context of climate but as a broader societal change, to shift the decision-making power from the elites to the public. He highlights the importance of building coalitions across various social movements, including those focused on democracy, social issues, and climate, to challenge the governing class’s failure to protect the public from harm. He also underscores the need for public figures, scientists, and intellectuals to be more actively involved in social change movements, as they were in past significant societal shifts.

The effectiveness of different forms of activism, such as civil disobedience and mass demonstrations is discussed. Hallam points out that while some actions may turn people off, they can also inspire others and bring attention to critical issues. He emphasizes the need for a coordinated strategy that includes various forms of protest and public engagement to create structural changes necessary for addressing the climate crisis.

Hallam emphasizes holding policymakers accountable and pushing for legally binding citizens’ assemblies to ensure that the public has a say in climate-related decisions.


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