Marine Cloud Brightening
Tribute to Stephen Salter

The Climate Emergency Forum hosts a discussion about the late Stephen Salter, a pioneering professor of engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and his work on marine cloud brightening (MCB) as a potential solution for mitigating global warming.

This video was recorded on March 27th, 2024, and published on April 14th, 2024.

The participants reflect on Salter’s innovative ideas and creative mindset. A key focus is Salter’s proposal to use a fleet of unmanned ships to spray fine sea water droplets into marine clouds to increase their reflectivity and albedo, thereby reflecting more sunlight back into space and cooling the planet. Salter provided calculations on the number of ships needed for different cooling goals, such as reversing sea level rise or preserving Arctic ice. The dialogue highlights the relatively low cost and scalability of this approach versus other geoengineering methods.

The participants emphasize the need for solutions like MCB, given the rapidly worsening climate crisis. However, they also acknowledge the public opposition and lack of media coverage around such unconventional approaches. They stress the importance of engaging in broader conversations, good governance, and bringing the public on board through strategic communication efforts to explain the vision and overcome the code of silence around these topics in mainstream discourse.

Overall, the dialogue serves as a tribute to Salter’s innovative work while underscoring the potential of marine cloud brightening as a viable, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to help mitigate global warming, if implemented responsibly and with proper public support.


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