Climate Restoration Roadmap 2024

The Climate Emergency Forum welcomes Peter Fiekowsky back to discuss his recently released Climate Restoration Roadmap 2024 paper which outlines a plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 and restore a historically safe climate by 2050.

This video was recorded on February 13th, 2024, and published on March 4th, 2024.

Peter presents a vision for restoring the climate by engaging individuals in a hypothetical exercise to emphasize the simplicity and affordability of reverting CO2 levels to those of a century ago. The dialogue outlines a detailed roadmap for climate restoration, focusing on governance, funding mechanisms like the Grandparents Fund, and nature-inspired solutions such as ocean fertilization and methane oxidation.

Regina introduces Peter, highlighting his expertise and the urgent need to address climate change issues often overlooked by mainstream media. Peter engages the audience in an exercise, proposing a hypothetical button to revert atmospheric CO2 levels to those of a century ago, emphasizing the feasibility and affordability of climate restoration efforts.

The participants express support for Peter’s pragmatic approach to climate restoration and acknowledge the critical state of the planet. They discuss the necessity of shifting societal consciousness towards prioritizing climate restoration as an emergency response. The dialogue applauds Peter’s structured plan for addressing climate change and highlights recent validations from institutions like MIT, Bezos Earth Fund, and California, signaling a growing momentum towards climate restoration efforts globally.


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Charles Gregoire - Electrical Engineer, Webmaster and IT prime for FacingFuture.Earth & the Climate Emergency Forum; Climate Reality Leader

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