Vita Sapien - Update 2023

The Climate Emergency Forum welcomes back Guy Lane, founder of Vita Sapien, in a discussion that highlights the concept of Vita Worldview, which aims to integrate ecological science with spirituality through Lifewise philosophy and Vita religion.

This video was recorded on December 9th, 2023, and published on February 15th, 2024.

The dialogue centers on Vita Sapien’s mission and philosophy. Guy Lane, an environmental scientist and entrepreneur, discusses Vita Sapien’s focus on creating a non-theistic spiritual philosophy grounded in scientific understanding, particularly addressing the climate and ecological crises.

Vita Sapien draws inspiration from Stoicism, seeking to provide a framework for personal well-being and societal contribution akin to the ancient philosophy’s emphasis on eudaimonia. However, unlike traditional religious institutions, Vita religion doesn’t involve belief in a deity but rather emphasizes reverence for nature and our interconnectedness with the living planet. Guy emphasizes that Vita religion isn’t intended to replace existing spiritual practices but to foster a deeper spiritual connection to the Earth.

The conversation delves into the philosophical distinctions between Vita Sapien’s perspective and other ecological philosophies like James Lovelock’s Gaia theory. While Gaia theory views Earth as a single organism, Vita religion extends this concept, positioning human beings as integral parts of the Earth’s greater body. This perspective challenges conventional notions of the environment, emphasizing humanity’s inherent connection to the planet and the implications for decision-making and stewardship.

Guy outlines Vita Sapien’s objectives at COP28, including seeking recognition as a delegate NGO organization, launching Vita Religion, engaging in media outreach, networking, and seeking funding to scale up their operations. He underscores the potential of Vita Worldview to influence the trajectory of human civilization away from environmental catastrophe. The dialogue reflects a holistic approach to addressing the climate emergency, integrating scientific understanding with spirituality and advocating for systemic change.


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