Climate Emergency Forum welcomes Nick Breeze, author, climate and wine journalist, to discuss his forthcoming book, “COPOUT,” where concerns are expressed about the ineffectiveness of the UNFCCC COPs in achieving their intended goals.

This video was recorded on January 18th, 2024, and published on February 4th, 2024.

In this dialogue, participants engage in a comprehensive discussion about the critical issues surrounding climate change and the inadequacies of international efforts, particularly through United Nations climate change conferences (COPs). The threat of climate change to industries like coffee and wine is highlighted, underscoring the urgency of addressing environmental issues.

The conversation also centers around Nick Breeze’s forthcoming book, “COPOUT,” that will provide the author’s perspective on the COPs spanning from COP21 through to COP28. The importance of narratives and communication in conveying the truth about climate change, even in its dire nature, is emphasized, with a distinction made between hope and courage as driving forces for change.

The dialogue touches upon the role of youth in climate activism, acknowledging figures like Greta Thunberg and highlighting the need to involve and educate the younger generation. The participants discuss the tradition of alternative people’s conferences and express concerns that the corporate-style management of COPs may be overshadowing the voices of grassroots movements.

The conversation concludes on a positive note with a reminiscence of the success of the Cochabamba conference, presenting a hopeful example of effective, democratic collaboration that addressed climate issues. Overall, the dialogue provides a nuanced exploration of climate challenges, solutions, and the importance of global cooperation.


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