Ecosystem Restoration Communities Update

Aude Péronne discusses the challenges humanity faces in shifting consciousness towards becoming stewards of the Earth. The dialogue provides a refreshing perspective on positive initiatives amid climate challenges, inspiring action and collaboration for a sustainable future.

This video was recorded on December 5th, 2023, at COP28 in Dubai and published on December 14th, 2023.

Aude Péronne discusses the challenges humanity faces in shifting consciousness towards becoming stewards of the Earth. She emphasizes the importance of engaging differently with life, others, and nature, and being mindful of the impact one has on the well-being of people and places. Regina Valdez, from the Climate Emergency Forum, introduces Aude as a global presenter of the ecosystem restoration movement. Aude highlights her involvement in ecosystem restoration, permaculture, and community building, advocating for earth and water stewardship. She discusses the global movement’s focus on collaborative laboratories, showcasing diverse projects worldwide.

Aude then shares a video on ecosystem restoration communities, illustrating how it can be adapted globally. The discussion delves into the significance of grassroots efforts in large-scale ecosystem restoration, climate regulation, and the positive impact on communities. Aude emphasizes the need for collaboration, shared leadership, and responsibility to create sustainable solutions. She connects peace, ecosystem restoration, and global collaboration, emphasizing the importance of adapting initiatives to each culture and tradition. Aude encourages participation, mass collaboration, and the creation of shared spaces for regenerative activities.

Regina Valdez reflects on her initial excitement to join restoration projects, and Aude explains the transformative impact of such work on individuals and communities, fostering resilience, security, and a sense of shared resources. The dialogue explores the accessibility of ecosystem restoration projects, emphasizing that anyone with the intention to contribute is welcome. Aude discusses the selection of project locations, mentioning the identification of strategic points globally. The conversation concludes with information about the Ecosystem Restoration Communities network, encouraging people to explore the website for more details and videos showcasing various projects.


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