The Flourishing Path

John D. Liu, Journalist, filmmaker, along with Jane Goodall, primatologist, and an international host of environmentalists and Ecosystem Restoration Camp leaders come together in this video produced by John to present an alternative path, The Flourishing Path, to the current destructive path human civilization is on.

Special thanks to the tens of thousands of people who are supporting, working in and creating ecosystem restoration camps and communities. They are showing us all what we need to do to heal the Earth and the Human Spirit. Let’s all join them on The Flourishing Path.

This video was recorded on March 10th, 2023 and published on July 9th, 2023.

The video production focuses on the work of Ecosystem Restoration Communities, the growth of its many ecosystem restoration camps, and the events in John’s career which led to their establishment. This is supported by the appearance of Jane Goodall along with other environmental workers and Ecosystem Restoration Camp leaders.

The key message is that we don’t have a theoretical or rhetorical problem. What we have is mass degradation to Earth systems on a planetary scale and therefore we must work locally but simultaneously to make ecosystem restoration happen all over the world. Restoration needs to be the central intention of human civilization.

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