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No 1.5 Without Intervention

Portait photos of Professor Hugh Hunt, Dr. James E. Hansen, Anni Pokela, and Charles Gregoire
Hugh, James, Anni and Charles

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December 10, 2023 @ 2:00 PM GST (UTC+4)


The panel will discuss that it will not be possible to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C without interventions, which means that in addition to lowering global greenhouse emissions, various forms of Solar Radiation Management and Greenhouse Gas Removal will be required.


Professor Hugh Hunt
Professor Hugh Hunt is Reader in Engineering at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, and Chair of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series. He was Co-PI of the SPICE Project which investigated the feasibility of stratospheric aerosol injection for Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Hugh is a leader in public engagement for science and engineering and a recipient of the RAEng Rooke Award.

Dr. James E. Hansen
Dr. James E. Hansen, PhD, is the former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies and current Director of Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, a program of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Dr. Hansen is the principal author or co-author of numerous papers on the subject of climate change and Earth's energy imbalance. He is best known for his testimony on climate change to congressional committees in the 1980s that helped raise broad awareness of the global warming issue.

Anni Pokela
Anni Pokela is Project Manager at Operaatio Arktis, a youth-led science communication project based in Finland with the objective to preserve the Arctic sea ice. She is working to prevent Arctic tipping points by promoting socially just climate repair interventions. Anni is an experienced public speaker and has been involved with some of Finland's most influential climate campaigns.

Charles Gregoire
Charles is a Climate Reality Leader with a background in engineering. He has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and worked in the high tech field for over twenty years as an electrical engineer and manager.

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