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Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal

Portait photos of Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald, Brad Ack, Natalie Hilmi, Ulfath Ibrahim, Paul Beckwith, and Regina Valdez
Shaun, Brad, Natalie, Ulfath, Paul and Regina

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November 16, 2022 @ 3:30 PM EET (UTC+2)


The panel will discuss the topic of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal based primarily on the work of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCRC).


Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald
Shaun is the Executive Director of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCRC). Shaun is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering who works at the interface of academic research, business, government policy and public engagement. He has worked extensively in the commercialisation of new intellectual property arising from university research, and supported the UK government in the re-writing of policy documents for building standards. Prior to joining the Centre for Climate Change Shaun was Director of the Royal Institution, overseeing the programme for engaging the public with science and engineering.

Brad Ack
Brad is an environmental innovator whose work has spanned from the tropical forests of Latin America, high deserts of the American southwest, and the Pacific NW to work throughout the global ocean. Brad currently serves as Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer for Ocean Visions, a partnership of leading research and academic institutions and innovators, investors and practitioners of ocean restoration. Ocean Visions and the Ocean Climate Alliance are working to build momentum for a new ocean-climate restoration and solutions agenda.

Natalie Hilmi
Assessment of the socio-economic impacts of climate change and ocean acidification. Assessment of ecosystems such as coral reefs. Macroeconomics, economic policies and sustainable development. Organization of an international workshop on the economic impact of ocean acidification.

Ulfath Ibrahim
Assistant Director at the Special Envoy Office for Climate Change of the Maldives | Blue Carbon Researcher | Chevening Scholar | Australia Awards Scholar

Paul Beckwith
Paul is a Climate System Scientist who has taught at the University of Ottawa in the Laboratory for Paleoclimatology, as well as at Carleton University. Paul is a well-known climate educator on YouTube with over 1,000 videos pertaining to climate science.

Regina Valdez
Regina is a Climate Reality Program Director, Leader and Mentor based in New York city. She is also a GreenFaith Fellow and a LEED Green Associate.

Sharm El-Sheikh International Conference Center, Luxor Room