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Ocean Pasture Restoration
and The New Paradigm

Composite photo Alex Carlin, Peter Fiekowsky, Russ George, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez
Alex, Peter, Russ, Paul, and Regina

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November 5, 2021 @ 5:00 PM GMT


Alex Carlin, Peter Fiekowsky, and Russ George join Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez to discuss the topic of Ocean Pasture Restoration.

The panel will discuss the basis for the world to make a transition from its current outdated and dangerously inadequate “solution plan of emissions reduction” to a much more appropriate “Climate Restoration plan.” Among other aspects of this new paradigm, the panelists will explain why removing 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere is of equal importance to emissions reduction, and how ocean pasture restoration will be a central activity to accomplish this.

This is good news, based on the best science. The key is photosynthesis, the only process we know about that has a sufficient capacity to remove enough CO2 to lessen the greenhouse effect in time. Until now, plans for CO2 removal have only been based on land. But we are the ocean planet, and most of the Earth’s photosynthesis happens under water. Luckily, ocean photosynthesis has the magnitude of scale to remove the required amounts of CO2. The panelists explain how this overlooked fact is the key for a nature-based fast, inexpensive and safe way to land on our feet from this severe crisis we find ourselves in today.


Alex Carlin
A Foreign Correspondent on Environment for the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), Alex is an American who currently resides in Moscow, Russia and has a Bachelors degree in Russian Literature. He is also a musician and songwriter who has written a song about Climate Restoration.

Peter Fiekowsky
MIT-trained physicist and entrepreneur Peter Fiekowsky is committed to leaving a world we’re proud of to our children. This commitment has driven his work on multiple climate initiatives, including founding the Foundation for Climate Restoration and helping launch the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. He is also founder and president of Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) LLC. He holds 27 patents.

Russ George
Russ has worked his whole life in eco-restoration. His companies have restored 250 million trees. In 2007 he provided testimony to the US House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. For 7 years he has been working to create public private partnership ocean pasture restoration companies with nations in 5 of the world’s seven seas with his slogan “Bring Back The Fish.”

Paul Beckwith
Paul is a Climate System Scientist who has taught at the University of Ottawa in the Laboratory for Paleoclimatology, as well as at Carleton University. Paul is a well know climate educator on YouTube with over 1,000 videos pertaining to climate science.

Regina Valdez
Regina is a Climate Reality Program Director, Leader and Mentor based in New York city. She is also a GreenFaith Fellow and a LEED Green Associate.

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