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The MEER ReflEction Framework

Profile composite image of Ye Tao, Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, and Regina Valdez
Ye, Peter, Paul, and Regina

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November 3, 2021 @ 5:45 PM GMT


Join Dr. Ye Tao along with Dr. Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, and Regina Valdez for a presentation and conversation on the MEER ReflEction Framework. MEER:ReflEction stands Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing: Resource-driven engineering for leveraging Earth’s chemistries to immediately offer climate remediation.

According to Dr. Tao, temperature rise is the biggest and gravest concern that we face. We are overstepping a heat threshold. Thermal stress decimates biodiversity, ruining aquatic, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems alike. Humans may not be around once we transgress that redline. If we survive, we can have conversations about low emissions and deacidification. Prioritize temperature—then worry about greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and carbonic acid in the oceans!

MEER’s four fold mission is:

  • To reflect solar radiation away from Earth to cool the biosphere
  • To redirect solar radiation to capture its potential for enhancing food production and generating carbon-neutral energy
  • To reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane by facilitating the biological and accelerating the chemical processes that are endemic to Earth’s oceans and atmosphere
  • To establish an open and transparent network that promotes panhuman equity and solidarity and that supports those values through relentless innovation


Dr. Ye Tao
In 2020, Dr. Ye Tao founded the MEER:ReflEction Framework after grasping the accelerating and ultimate consequences of the climate crisis on Earth’s delicate web of life. Educated as a nanotechnologist and instrumentation expert, he brings the benefits of a multidisciplinary background in engineering and science to problem solving.

Dr. Peter Wadhams
Peter Wadhams ScD, is emeritus professor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. He is best known for his work on sea ice.

Paul Beckwith
Paul is a Climate System Scientist who has taught at the University of Ottawa in the Laboratory for Paleoclimatology, as well as at Carleton University. Paul is a well know climate educator on YouTube with over 1,000 videos pertaining to climate science.

Regina Valdez
Regina is a Climate Reality Program Director, Leader and Mentor based in New York city. She is also a GreenFaith Fellow and a LEED Green Associate.

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