The Future of Heating thumbnail with link
May 11, 2022
Neil Kitching
Government advisers are struggling to recommend ways to heat our homes that are effective, acceptable to the public, not too expensive and don’t pollute our atmosphere. Here are my personal thoughts on this great conundrum . . .

A Layman's Look at Climate Over Time thumbnail with link
Apr 28, 2022
Alexander Cunliffe
I was born in 1956 in a small coal mining town on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. In those days, the local population almost exclusively used coal as a source for heating . . .

Misconceptions Shouldn't Hold Up Key Climate Solution thumbnail with link
Aug 12, 2021
Alex Carlin
Nobody wants people to dump toxic waste into the oceans. But tragically, the very same natural micronutrients that are the most crucial for the oceans to be healthy and generate climate-restoring photosynthesis have been mislabeled by some as “toxic.”

Mar 10, 2021
Dr. Peter Carter
The Security Council needs to acknowledge the unprecedented global climate change security emergency and produce an emergency global climate change security threat report.

Mar 09, 2021
Dr. Peter Carter
We live in a world of our making. A world of impending planetary catastrophe, a world in the midst of the 6th mass extinction of life.